OMRON HeatTens targets your aches and pains three ways so you can perform at your peak

The power of heat and electrical stimulation soothes chronic pain with ease

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Why would you use TENS tech? Remarkably, research by Imperial College London suggests that 28 million UK adults – that’s half of us – are living with pain long-term. If that includes you, therapies such as TENS – which as you probably know stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation – and the use of heat can offer relief.

OMRON is one of the world’s leading health, fitness and wellness brands and its TENS equipment also incorporates heat therapy, which is why they’ve called it HeatTens.

Whether you’re an athlete or a regular Joe, everyone can suffer from pain at times. That can be made worse if your job involves sitting all day – or standing, come to that. The great thing about OMRON HeatTens is that it can doctor pain away – drug-free and swiftly – whether it’s a sport injury or caused by work. It’s ideal for sportspeople and office workers alike.

HeatTens by OMRON is a unique pain reliever that combines two complementary therapies – heat and TENS – to combat muscle and joint pain. HeatTens also relieves stiffness and numbness across the body. 

OMRON HeatTens pain relief

(Image credit: Omron)

HeatTens has nine pre-set programs designed for your back, shoulders, joints, arms, legs and feet, as well as three massage modes and 20 intensity levels. The device also features two different heat intensities, as well as the option to use it without any heat, should you prefer that.

For half of the population of the UK, pain is a part of everyday life – but it doesn’t have to be. HeatTens is great if you are experiencing pain in your back, muscles or joints after a long run or a lengthy workout. It can also be used alongside prescribed pain-relief medication.

Omron HeatTens pain relief

(Image credit: Omron)

HeatTens uses heat to increase metabolic activity, warming and relaxing your muscles for soothing relief while improving blood circulation. Meanwhile the TENS part of the equation stimulates your body’s natural pain-relieving mechanisms via electrical pulses.

The TENS unit works its magic via electrodes placed on the skin over nerve pathways, or close to the painful area. TENS provides pain relief with a triple effect: it blocks the pain message, triggers endorphin release and improves blood circulation.

If you are ready to give your body a break from aches and pains, you’re ready for HeatTens.

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OMRON Healthcare was established 85 years ago to improve lives by developing innovative products that help people prevent, treat and manage their medical conditions.

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