You won’t believe how quickly a Ribble ebike can pay for itself

Cut your costs, and choose between no-sweat ease or a slimming workout when it comes to the ride

Ribble CGR AL e
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2022 is the year of the ebike. No wonder: it simultaneously delivers three huge benefits. It helps you fight the cost of living crisis by cutting your transport costs when it comes to fuel, parking, insurance and more. It helps you ditch the car and steer clear of expensive and often cramped pubic transport. Also, contrary to what you might think, an ebike can help you get fit and stay fit. Even if you opt to let the bike take most of the strain, you’re still getting a workout in the fresh air, compared to driving or public transport. Overall, cycling is great for your physical and mental health – study after study shows it. With an ebike you get the best of both worlds, as you don’t have to put a lot of effort into it – although that remains an option that’s open to you if you do want a workout.

T3 has just named Ribble T3 Best Bike of the Year 2022, and the same design quality and value for money that characterise its road bikes can also be found in its electric bikes. We love what this great British brand does; providing premium quality ebikes without the premium price.

Ribble Endurance AL e

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As you’d expect from this leading builder and retailer of bikes, with 125 years of excellence under its belt, there’s an electric option to suit everyone. Whether you want an electrified road bike for speed, a gravel bike for on- and off-road journeys, or an ultra-affordable hybrid for commuting with luggage or shopping, Ribble has an ebike to suit you. The Ribble SL e is one of the lightest ebikes in the world, and the electrified sibling of the SL Disc, which we just handed our Platinum Award to

Some models can be had within 48 hours and prices start from just £2,299. That’s about what T3 considers the least you can pay for a really good quality ebike that’ll last for years without causing undue stress. They go up to £7,199 for the flagship Endurance SL e, which is still a bit of a steal for an ultra-light road bike with state-of-the-art componentary, including electronic Shimano Dura Ace Di2 gear shifting.

Most of Ribble’s ebikes can be purchased via the Cycle 2 Work scheme, so you can spread and reduce the cost still further – by up to 40% in some cases. However, even if you pay full price for a Ribble ebike, you will be surprised how quickly it pays for itself, if your alternative means of transport is a car or public transport. 

How affordable is a Ribble ebike?  

Ribble Urban AL e

Ribble Urban AL e is an ideal commuter’s ebike

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With fuel costs rising, even the kind of short, shopping and commuting trips you’ll make on an ebike will save significant amounts of money compared to using a car. 

Using an average of 15p per mile, if you were to drive a car 10 miles per day every day, it would cost something like £547.50 per year. The average cost of car insurance is £419 per year according to the ABI, while tax is a further cost – at least £265 per year and often a lot more. Maintenance and repairs are a further £270 on average. That’s before we even get on to congestion charges, parking, depreciation, windscreen wiper fluid etc. Oh, and we are also leaving out the cost of buying the car in the first place.

Public transport costs can also be significant. It seems reasonable to say that an ebike can cover commutes that would normally require a two-zone travel pass in London. That would set you back £1,536 per year at present. 

By contrast, bike insurance can be had for £30 per year and recharging costs remain fairly negligible.

If you stopped using a car for short trips and used a Ribble Urban ALe instead (£2,499), it could pay for itself within a few years. If you use public transport, the mouth-watering electric dream machine that is the Endurance SL e (£7,199) could pay for itself in around 5 years. These are rather rough figures, sure, but you can see that the money-saving potential is impressive. You’ll also benefit physically and mentally from the extra exercise, and you won’t be cooped up in crowded buses and trains, or stuck in traffic jams.

Ribble Endurance SL e Hero

Go on… treat yourself

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For commutes of 5-10 miles, a Ribble ebike is absolutely ideal. The electric assistance means you arrive at work sweat-free and ready to roll. If you want to get a workout on the way home, or at the weekend, the assistance can be dialled down, and even if you always use motor power to assist your pedal power, you’re still getting more exercise than if you drive or take public transport. 

Need help deciding what ebike to buy? Ribble’s showrooms feature state-of-the-art,  digitally-enabled environments so you can experience the ride of multiple options before you buy. Expert staff are on hand to offer ebike consultations and fitting service, so the ebike you choose is tailor-made for your requirements. And if you can’t make the showroom, Ribble Live Experts provide advice and help for all your buying and sizing needs.

Ribble has an ebike for every need, with some of the lightest and most advanced ebikes in the world, at some of the most attractive prices. If you’re using an ebike instead of a car or public transport, it will pay for itself very quickly indeed. The only question left to answer is, which Ribble ebike you should buy. Check out our guide to the Ribble ebike range.

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