Which of these brilliant and affordable Ribble ebikes is best for you?

Going electric can get you fit and get you out of the car – and Ribble has a great electric bike to suit every budget

Ribble Urban AL e
(Image credit: Ribble)

Now is a great time to buy an electric bike. They’re cheap to run, easy to ride and maintain, and they can get you to work without you even breaking sweat. Should you actively want a bit of a workout, an ebike can provide that too – even with the assistance dialled all the way up, you’re still burning more calories than you would sat on a train, or in a traffic jam in a car.

An ebike is comparatively eco-friendly, fun to ride and, thanks to Ribble’s affordable and diverse range of electric options, it needn’t be expensive to buy either. With options including affordable monthly payments via the Cycle To Work scheme, Ribble has a bike to suit every taste and cycling need, from affordable and reliable hybrids for all your urban commuting needs to high-spec road ebikes, plus rugged gravel ebikes built for off-roading action. All Ribble’s ebikes feature very natural-feeling ride assistance. If you’re already a cyclist, you’ll find riding one feels like you on your best day, every day. And if you are new to bikes, you’ll wonder why you ever thought it would be hard work!

The only question is, which Ribble ebike should you buy? Here are some of our favourites from the range.

Ribble Urban AL e: the suburban warrior, from £2,499

Ribble Urban AL e

Ribble Urban AL e: built for city streets

(Image credit: Ribble)

This smart, practical ebike is built to put the spark back into your daily ride routine. The step-through frame makes mounting and dismounting easy, while the upright riding position makes you feel comfortable and in control. Front and rear luggage racks have space for your work gear, shopping and more. It’s got enough zip for all your daily tasks, from running errands, shopping for groceries to commuting to work. An impressive spec includes hydraulic disk brakes

Also consider: the Ribble Hybrid AL e range. With more classical styling, these close relatives of the Urban AL e offer a similarly relaxed riding experience. Options include a step through version, and the range-topping AL e Trail, which is at home off road as it is in town.

Ribble Endurance SL e Hero: the ultimate road ruler, £7,199 

Ribble Endurance SL e Hero

Go on… treat yourself

(Image credit: Ribble)

Mamma mia! You will be glad to know that Ribble can serve you up a hill-flattening, group ride-levelling electric road bike for as little as £1,999. That’s staggering value, considering we are talking about some of the lightest ebikes in the world here. We just can’t resist the Ribble’s flagship e-roady though. Carbon fibre frame, Shimano Dura Ace Di2 electronic gearing, Level DB35 Superlight EBM Carbon wheels, all powerd along by a remarkably compact MAHLE SmartBike Systems X35+ drive system. It almost beggars belief that this weighs just 10.5kg – that’s half the weight of some popular ebikes!

Also consider: the rest of the Ribble Endurance SL e range. There are 5 models in total and incredibly, the entry level SL e Sport is only £2,999. For a carbon fibre ebike with SRAM accessories that is an astonishing price.

Ribble Endurance AL e: The ‘A’ stands for ‘Affordable’, from £1,999

Ribble Endurance AL e

Ribble Endurance AL e: built for speed, priced for everyone

(Image credit: Ribble)

Okay, strictly speaking it stands for ‘aluminium’. Trade down from the carbon fibre of the SL e range and you get even better value. Aluminium’s extra flex means it’s a bit more forgiving on your hindquarters, too. These beautiful road bikes run on the same drive system as their carbon brethren, with hydraulic disk brakes as standard, to bring you to a halt –that’s if you ever want to stop, anyway.

Ribble CGR AL e: king of the (off-)road, from £2,499

Ribble CGR AL e

CGR AL e can take on the toughest terrain

(Image credit: Ribble)

Setting the benchmark for power-assisted, all-terrain performance the (Cross/Gravel/Road) CGR AL e is ready and willing to munch up trails, slopes and more. Although associated with the great outdoors, gravel ebikes are actually true all-rounders and make very good urban commute bikes, and that is particularly true of the CGR. This lightweight, high-powered ebike can conquer even the toughest trails, but it is also more than capable of handling pothole-strewn city streets and long mountain roads.

Also consider: Ribble Gravel AL e. This is built more specifically for off-roading, with a choice of SRAM or Shimano gearing and Mavic wheels. Lightweight and agile, it won’t let you down, no matter what’s under your tyres. Prices start from just £2,699


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