All-new Citroën C3 has a HD camera built in so you can shoot your own road movies

And, of course, catch b*st**ds keying your lovely new Citroën

The all new Citroën C3 has all the usual modcons you'd expect from a brand spanking new supermini, but it's also packing one feature that your current motor doesn't have - a camera built directly into your rear view mirror. Yes people, the selfie has come to modern hatchback. Prepare to become the coolest dad on the school run... well, maybe...

In a hope to add a bit of a technological twist to the dashboard features of the Citroën C3, the French car manufacturer really has included a special camera, the ConnectedCAM Citroën is a fully integrated connected camera (with a wide 120 degree angle, Full HD video and 2 million pixels) with GPS and a 16GB internal memory to boot.

Other than taking selfies of you and your family on the way to a theme park or the zoo, the ConnectedCAM can also be used in the event of an emergency. The smart video system switches on automatically if a vehicle collision occurs and runs for up to one and a half minutes. You can even use it locate your motor and store its position using the ConnectedCAM Citroën to ensure they can find it in unfamiliar or busy places.

So basically think of one of those Russian dash cams only now it's got the functionality of a smart device in your home. It might sound a little twee, but it's actually quite a nifty little feature that's got far more practical applications beyond the ability to take a Facebook-bound selfie of your brood.

When you add it to the C3's advanced driver assistance system (with voice controlled 3D navigation), a reversing camera, lane departure warning and blind-spot monitoring you're getting a very forward-thinking motor.

The All-New Citroën C3 will arrive in the UK in 2017.

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