Now you can play Xbox games on Meta Quest 3

No TV, no problem

The Meta Quest 3 being held up
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As well as offering bespoke experiences for VR-designed titles, one of the biggest appeals of a VR headset (and smart glasses) is being able to have a virtual screen projected in front of your face. Creating a giant TV where there was none is pretty cool, but pretty useless if there's nothing to do with it. 

Luckily that's not the case with the Meta Quest as those with the Meta Quest Pro, Meta Quest 2 or the new Meta Quest 3 can now stream some of the best games on Xbox with Xbox Cloud Gaming. According to Meta, all you need is a "Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership, a supported controller (Xbox, PS4 and Switch Pro controllers all work), and a high-speed internet connection". That's right, you don't need an Xbox or even one of the best gaming laptops

Meta promises four display sizes and the option to either play with full Passthrough to see your surroundings, or to immerse yourself in "an Xbox-themed virtual space." Of course, if you've hoped of running around Halo Infinite physically dodging Covenant bullets, then you need to keep your feet on the ground. 

Meta Quest 3

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Games that weren't created with VR in mind won't suddenly be interactive, but being able to play them on a massive screen has to help with immersion significantly, even if you are still on a controller. The 90Hz refresh rate, (with a further 120Hz option) should help with the increased latency of streaming games.

So what games are available? Well, whatever is on Game Pass of course. That doesn't narrow things down, with hundreds of titles to choose from. That includes leading indie titles like Cocoon as well as some big-name AAA's like Forza, Deathloop and Starfield. 

Of course with cloud streaming, maintaining a fast and stable internet connection is of utmost importance so you might want to check out the best wireless routers to help. 

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