Nokia announces a tempting trio of affordable Androids

These new Nokias may be relatively cheap, but they're built to last

Nokia G22, C32 and C22
(Image credit: Nokia)

What do you think when you hear the name Nokia? For me it's a mix of toughness, reliability and Snake. The best phones today bear very little relation to the killer Nokias I loved in the 1990s, but the firm makes some very impressive and affordable Androids and its latest models are a great mix of performance, price and repairability.

There are three new phones, available this spring: The £149 Nokia G22, the £129 C32 and the £109.99 C22. All three run Android 13, and the G22 in particular has been made with repairability in mind. 

Nokia's new affordable Androids last forever

Okay, maybe not forever. But with a claimed three days of battery life they all have serious stamina.

Nokia's not pretending that its sub-£200 smartphones are direct rivals for the best Android phones, but the specs are good for the money. The C32 has a 50MP camera with what Nokia says are "stellar imaging algorithms" and comes in a good-looking toughened glass finish; and the G22 is designed with easily and affordably replaceable parts including the display, charging port and battery – a replacement display will be £44.99 and a battery £22.99 – and the C22 brings back the fabled toughness of older Nokia feature phones.

According to Nokia the C22 massively outperforms rivals in drop tests. It has IP52 spans and dust protection, toughened 2.5D display glass, a rigid metal chassis and a strong polycarbonate unibody design. The camera here is 13MP but once again Nokia promises those stellar imaging algorithms. The only real downside here – something that's fairly common among budget Androids – is that the OS isn't the full-fat Android 13 but the simpler Android 13 Go edition.

As ever there are some nice colours to choose from with all three models. The G22 comes in Meteor Grey and Lagoon Blue; the C32 gets Charcoal, Autumn Green, and Beach Pink; and the C22 comes in Midnight Black and Sand.

The G22 goes on sale in March, with the other models promised "this spring".

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