News@8pm: Nexus One is no more and Acer Stream

Plus: 55% use Android 2.1 and Facebook hits 500m mark

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It's been another busy day for the tech world - here's the best of the days news in digestible format:

We have mobile news coming out of our ears today at T3, so here's the pick of the bunch. It's a sad day for many as Google has announced it will no longer be producing the Nexus One, its first and only foray into the mobile manufacturing market. With reports of the limited stock left having the new Android 2.2 update on it, it's bound to fly off the shelves. But while some things die, other things appear handily just in time. On that hugely coincidental but useful note, its been revealed that Acer's new handset the Stream will be arriving in August. With 720p video recording, Android 2.1 and a 1GHz Snapdragon processor it'll be a hefty contribution to the Android family. Microsoft is allegedly going to give every one of its employees a free Windows 7 Phone. This hugely generous offer will certainly help their opening product turnaround figures.

The internet is abuzz with the news that Facebook has finally reached its 500 millionth user. This is the benchmark that we all speculated over, but it does indeed appear as though Facebook now rules the planet. Want to stand out from the 499 million others? Then why not check out our T3 feature on how to become the perfect facebook user. As pointed out by the Metro newspaper this morning, nearly 1 in 12 people on the planet use Facebook. Scary or fascinating. We'll leave that up to you to decide.

Gamers prepare yourselves for the inevitable argument that's going to happen after you read this story. Microsoft scrapped its Xbox Live/PC cross-over plans.The idea behind it was to allow Xbox 360 gamers to take on PC gamers over multiplayer, but the research carried out by Microsoft hastily made them change their minds after they discovered console gamers were hugely inferior to their PC counterparts. If you felt that perhaps the price of the Kinect peripheral was more than you expected then fear not. Developers have predicted that the price of Kinect will drop after Christmas. The reasoning behind this is the original £129.99 price is aimed at the Christmas market and the devotees that will be happy to stand in line for the latest kit.

3D tech seems to be all the rage in the past few weeks and this one is no exception. Panasonic may be releasing a consumer friendly 3D camcorder soon. After having showcased a snazzy 3D model aimed at professionals, IDG has claimed that the company will unveil this new model at a conference next week.