News@8pm: Microsoft Kinect and iPhone 4 price news

Plus: Apple iPad vs. JooJoo tablet review

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It's been another busy day for the tech world - here's the best of the days news in digestible format:

Microsoft Kinect moves into the realms of official today as the Xbox 360 motion control peripheral gets its very grand unveiling at the E3 conference. The artist former known as Project Natal has been eagerly awaited by gaming fans across the globe and has finally become official along with a host of Kinect gaming titles including an exciting little Star Wars number. To catch you up to speed on Proje…. Microsoft Kinect, we have compiled the top videos of the motion gaming experience. Having watched the vids, why not give us your view on the new gaming accessory in our Microsoft Kinect Poll.

E3 gaming news is kicking into top gear already as the show's first day continues. One expected E3 arrival that has peaked from the covers early is the Xbox 360 Slim outed in an Italian ad. Other gaming news has seen Sony refute the rumours that the PS3 is to receive a price cut. Spoilsports.

Apple's iPhone 4 goes on pre-order tomorrow and the smartphone to end all smartphones just can't wait until then to once again take the limelight. As you might expect, the network providers offering the iPhone 4 are holding their cards close to their proverbial chests regarding the smartphones pricing, but reports suggest the iPhone 4 prices will be announced today. When the handset arrives in just 11 days, it may also include direct-to-Facebook video uploads based on code in the iOS 4 gold master build. The social networking video inclusion is an added boost to the already impressive device but results from our poll show that you would rather an 8-megapixel camera.

Tablets mean business as a new market. Today we have seen an Android 2.2 touting tablet in the Samsung Galaxy Tablet and just for your benefit as a consumer and loyal reader have even given a head-to head review of the Apple iPad and the JooJoo tablet. What more could you want from a Monday?