News@8pm: HTC price leaks, video game BAFTAs

Plus: Dell phone/tablet roadmap, Google One Pass

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Mere days after their Mobile World Congress announcements, the HTC Desire S's price and release date have been leaked, followed quickly by those of the HTC Wildfire S. HTC fans have a little over a month to wait before picking them up, although in the meantime, you can have a look at which other products have been leaked in our feature.

On the gaming front, we were in equal measure shocked, frightened, appalled and delighted by the trailer for the upcoming first-person zombie slasher Dead Island - so much so we made it the lead in a feature of games we're looking forward to this year. Be warned: dismemberment and bitey children ahead.


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Another blip on the gaming radar was the announcement of 2011's Video Game BAFTA nominees. To be hosted once again by Irish funnyman Dara O'Briain, the big night is set for March 16th, with the ceremony being streamed live via the BAFTA website.

If you've been following the tablet race since Apple fired the starting pistol, you'll have seen that pretty much every tech producer has churned out their own contender to stake a claim on the tablet market. All except one. Which is part of the reason why we're so excited by rumours of the Sony S1 PlayStation tablet. The other reason is that it's supposed to roll up like a bit of newspaper - madness.

On the subject of tablets, we've also seen the leaking of Dell's entire road map for the next two years - that's every tablet and every smartphone they had under wraps for the next 24 months. Great for us, less good, presumably, for some poor sap at Dell. We also caught wind of the Motorola Xoom's official pricing, which is apparently in free-fall since those horrible rumours about a $1200 price tag. Check out our hands-on in the video below.

Finally, Google has followed Apple down the road of fees for paid subscriber content with its new One Pass system. Neither decision has been met entirely with open arms by the internet community, with Last.FM co-founder Richard Jones declaring that Apple's new system has "f*cked the music subscription industry", but from our point of view, it's a good way for our iPad readership to take delivery of the T3 iPad app.