News@8pm: Dell rants at Apple and Kansas gets 1Gbps

Plus: Xperia Play delayed and Venue Pro gets NoDo update

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Amazon's Cloud Drive inspired some healthy competition today as mSpot announced an upgrade to its free services. mSpot's new 5GB storage capacity for free matches Amazon's gratis offering. Amazon has created uproar in the music industry by announcing its Cloud Player before getting the approval of the major record labels. It emerged today that Amazon is now trying to hurriedly arrange licensing deals after the fact although Sony in particular is not happy about the situation.


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Vodafone announces delays for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play less than 24 hours before its official release. The network operator told customers today that Sony Ericsson are unable to supply the Xperia Play to Vodafone for tomorrow and customers will simply have to wait. The launch continues to get more embarrassing for Sony Ericsson after O2 announced delays just days ago. Whilst you may not be able to access the Playstation Suite just yet with all of its gaming goodness, Angry Birds Rio has now landed on the Android Market so you can while away the days in bird-launching bliss until your Xperia Play arrives.

Kansas city won the Google broadband lottery and will soon be enjoying blistering download speeds. Kansas' new Googlified broadband will hit 1Gbps, roughly 100 times the average US household. The lucky Yanks will be able to download a full HD movie in less than 2 minutes. In completely unrelated news, we've decided here at T3 that its time for a bit of an office relocation. Lets say... oh I don't know, Kansas? Whilst Kansas was getting boosted x100, Google gave the rest of the world "+1". The new search feature is similar to Facebook's like button and will show you which search results or web pages your friends have "+1'd" to help you make informed browsing decisions.

Dell lashed out at Apple this week as its Global Head of Marketing, Andy Lark ranted about the iPad's flaws. Pointing out the benefits of openness over closed ecosystems he then went on to have a dig at Apple's customers saying "Apple is great if you've got a lot of money and live on an island." You might want to be careful what you're implying there Andy, those are the customers I'm sure you'd love to nab. Dell did have some positive news today though as their Venue Pro became the latest phone to receive the NoDo WP7 update. The update adds copy and paste along with other enhancements but Dell has already announced that they will be following with another update soon to iron out any bugs.