News@8pm: Dell Looking Glass imminent, 02 finally gets FroYo

Plus: BlackBerry Playbook going cheap? Robot exoskeletons!

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Dell Looking Glass Sooner than you think

It feels like no time at all since the Dell Looking Glass was announced and then named and filmed, but the device is clearly not waiting around: Apparently the tablet device will be with us within weeks. Providing you want a 7 inch version, that is. A 10 inch machine is still 6-12 months off


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Nike's new running application sees it add in a lot of the missing features from the previous iteration
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BlackBerry Playbook ridiculously cheap?

Meanwhile, word is that the BlackBerry Playbook from RIM will be a mere £190-£220. It seems outrageously cheap, and most likely is too good to be true but a price anything like that would make it by far the cheapest tablet available.

O2 finally roll out FroYo

In smartphone news, O2 have finally rolled out Android 2.2 on the HTC Desire. Delayed by freezing bugs and crashes, the software update is back out and ready for download now.

Sony cameras are overheating

Sony's new Alpha A55 / A33 cameras are overheating.
Overtaxed hardware is causing a pretty serious problem where you can't record video for more than 11 minutes in temperatures over twenty degrees. Owch.

Robot suits are real, impossibly cool

We are officially one step closer to Aliens: Raytheon are currently working on the EXOS2 exoskeleton, which is being built to afford tremendous strength to soldiers lifting heavy munitions and supplies in the field. Presumably, they are also factoring in its uses for taking on Xenomorph Queens in hand to hand combat.