News@8pm: Antennagate's first victim and HTCs spied

Plus: Kinect bundle and Flash lands on iPad and iPhone 4

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Kicking off today's news is the departure of Apple's Senior Vice President of iPhone and iPod Hardware Engineering, Mark Papermaster, who many see as the first high profile casualty of the iPhone 4 antenna fiasco. Additionally, it seems that antennagate was picked up as a problem dating two years back. Still, at least now you can get Flash on your iPhone or iPad. And in what would appear to be an effort to play down any more negative press, sources suggest that the redesigned iPod Touch could arrive as early as next week. What is it that you want to see from the new iPod?

Elsewhere, the HTC Desire HD has popped up on to the scene as the new HTC Ace, complete with leaked video and photos. If that's not enough HTC news for your day, the Windows 7 enabled Schubert has been spied whilst it awaits the go-ahead. Meanwhile, a T3 poll revealed that RIM's Blackberry OS 6 hasn't impressed a huge number of people despite the buzz from last week.

In gaming news, Microsoft looks set to storm the Christmas sales as official packaging of the 250GB Kinect bundle emerged in Australia. On top of that, the company are working on the more technical aspects of the attachment as they attempt to incorporate lip-reading and sign language.

The BBC has been forced to reveal that over two years it lost the equivalent of £241,019 worth of technology in the form of laptops and Blackberrys. At least it's not just the Ministry of Defence that's the only major organisation that loses things.

In celebration of the launch of Picasa's app for the Sensia Digital Radio, T3 is giving away a PURE Sensia DAB radio. All you have to do is read its review. Also, tomorrow sees the launch of the What's On The Editor's Desk? competition, with mystery prizes cropping up every Tuesday.