News@8: Kinect hits UK and HTC Desire to get FroYo

Plus: Halo: Reach - new trailer and 3DS gets pricing Sept.

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Calling all Kinect wannabe fans!Gamers will be out in their hordes this weekend, or at least that's if our suspicions are correct. Microsoft is taking its Kinect product on a UK tour so the public can try it out. Heading around the country, these 'Kinect galleries' will give everyone a chance to prance around and make merry; whether it's playing bowling or making a colossal fool of yourselves on the hurdles game (we speak from personal experience there).

Onto something for the more hardcore gamer now: Halo: Reach has had a brand new campaign trailer released along with a celebrity competition announced. The competition means that the lucky winners will get to play with or against a crack team of gaming celebs including Rio Ferdinand, Ben Cohen and Jason Bradbury. If multiplayer isn't your thing however then fret not, check out the new trailer and bask its pure awesomeness. Finally the Nintendo 3DS will be given official pricing and a release date in September. The handheld will be hoping to wow customers next year with it's glasses-less 3D screen, check out our hands-on video of the 3DS and see if you're just as excited as we are.

If you like your tablets then this may well be the thing for you. Check out our review of the Archos 7 Home. At only £180 it's hoping to take a slice of the iPad's sales by offering a classic Archos device that's designed for the home. However, many will be disappointed at a lack of Bluetooth, 3G or GPS, either way, read up and let us know what you think on our Facebook page. On the subject of reviews, why not find out T3's verdict on Apple's Magic Trackpad. Essentially a larger wireless trackpad found normally on notebooks, Apple has given it it's usual stylish twist and added the multi-touch functionality that has made such an impression on the touchscreen technnology of today.

For those Android 2.2 worshippers, your days of staring up at the sky and asking the mighty Google to answer your prayers are over. Android 2.2. will hit unlocked HTC Desire's this weekend in the UK. HTC officially announced they would be releasing the update whilst those on networked handset will have to wait a little while longer whilst they finish testing. The HTC EVO 4G is to get it's FroYo update on August 3rd. This news may not be as relevant to us in the UK, but what it does mean is that HTC is starting to roll out the software on its handsets, which can only be a good thing.

Moving to another phone which we'll never be able to have: LG's Optimus Z has been unveiled in South Korea. Sporting a 3.5-inch 'Hyper HD Display', 1GHz processor and 5-megapixel camera, this is certainly a device that we would have liked to see over this side of the globe. However all is not lost after a spokesperson did confirm that 'similar' devices would be heading our way.

Moving lastly to the internet, we have a small, but we think, significant piece of news for you. YouTube has extended its max video length to 15mins. The website had previously only offered the option of videos longer than 10mins to premium users. Thanks to some tweaks behind the scenes however, it'll now be offering 15mins of fame to anyone, free of charge. If you think you have what it takes then head over and join their competition for the best 15min videos where the winners will have theirs posted on the homepage!