News@8: iPod Nano 6G design and LoveFilm/MGM deal

Plus: Philips concept phone and new Kinect dashboard.

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iPod Nano case reveals design? It seems with all the talk about the new iPod Touch everyone's forgotten about a possible revamp of the other music spouting devices that Apple makes. In fact a leaked picture of cases gives a huge hint as to what the new iPod Nano could look like, pointing towards a possible 1.7-inch touchscreen whilst ditching the click-wheel altogether. In other Apple news, the Splashtop remote app is available for iPad and lets you mirror your computer back home over the internet. This means you can edit documents, play music and more importantly watch Flash videos. Finally a video has been released comparing the Samsung Galaxy Tab with the Apple iPad showing just how small Samsung's tablet is.

Consoles with discs has 10 more years: Sony's CEO the rather cool looking Kaz Hirai has said that due to the slow uptake in developing network infrastructures consoles will use discs for up to 10 more years before reverting to a download only format. Also with the motion-controlled rivalry picking up for Christmas two games have been debuted at Gamescon showing of the features of the new peripherals. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (part 1) and Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest will be available for Microsoft's Kinect and Playstation Move respectively. Also in true release lead-up fashion there have been a welter of shots showing the new Xbox 360 Dashboard beta which can be controlled through Kinect, it'll include an Avatar editor and motion-controlled environments.


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44 million people use Facebook iPhone app: Rather than the biblical 100 million users which was previously suggested, Facebook has now clarified that it is only a paltry 44million that use the Facebook application. We are of course being sarcastic, that's a stupidly high amount considering Apple will had sold 59million iPhones by June this year. In other online news, LoveFilm has signed a deal with MGM which will enable users to stream all the films in MGM's library, in case you were wondering that's a rather wonderful 4,100 titles.

Philips concept bendy OLED phone: Every now and then a concept comes along that really has us wishing a scientific breakthrough was actually around the corner and not in 10 years time. The Philips Fluid Concept Phone is one of those items. Boasting a fully bendable OLED screen, it functions as a totally normal smartphone, but then when you're finished you can just wrap it around your wrist. Genius. Finally and back to reality, the Nokia C6 is available on Vodafone. Whilst it can't bend, and we certainly wouldn't recommend that you try that, it can boast a full touchscreen, Symbian and a slide out QWERTY keyboard.