New Omega Speedmaster makes the Dark Side of the Moon even cooler

One of the coolest Omega MoonWatch models has been given a new lease of life

The Omega Dark Side of the Moon watch on a black background
(Image credit: Omega)

These days, it feels like most industries you consider can be boiled down to two big players. That's no different when we consider the best watches on the market.

On the one hand you have Rolex. Old-hat, a household name and renowned for their quality – even if they could probably use a customer service course these days. On the other, you have Omega. The pluckier of the two, who have come on leaps and bounds in recent years, drawing on heritage mixed with modern appointments to really make a name for themselves.

It's the latter of the two who have made headlines today, unveiling a new version of their popular Dark Side of the Moon variant Omega Speedmaster. That model is revered for having been worn on the moon, and this variant goes further than most in showcasing that.

You'll instantly spot the dial, which shows off the surface of the moon on the side which is seen from the Earth. Flip is around, though, and the movement is shown off through a display caseback which also showcases the dark side of the moon. Neat.

There's also a new movement in there. That's called the calibre 3869 and is a skeletonised version of the calibre 3861, with laser ablation used to create the image of the moon surface.

But by far the coolest addition to this model in the new seconds hand. No, your eyes do not deceive you – that really is a scale model of the Saturn V rocket! In fact, it's a 1:19,000 scale crafted from Grade V Titanium. It's even cut and partially coloured using freaking laser beams, for Pete's sake.

All in all, it's a sweet upgrade for the model. There are some functional upgrades – a more up to date movement, for example – as well as some overall improvements to the fit and finish, thanks to modern manufacturing techniques. And, of course, there's a little rocket in there for the seconds hand. That will never stop being cool. 

Ultimately, this watch appeals to a very specific group of people. Because, sure – there are some who feel that the moon watch trope is slightly overplayed. But that's certainly not who this watch is aimed at – and if you love the moon connection, this is the ultimate watch for you.

To snag one in the UK, you'll need to pay £13,500. That's no small change, sure, but it's still great value given the sheer level of detail on offer here.

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