New iPhone design to be matched by fresh Apple Watch Series 4 and new iPads

That bezel-free screen is coming to the wrist and tablet

Apple Watch Series 3

Apple is getting ready to reveal its new iPhone models this September in the form of an iPhone X Plus, new iPhone X and affordable iPhone. While all these will have the bezel-free display of the current iPhone X it looks like the new Apple Watch Series 4 and fresh iPads could get it too.

A new report from Bloomberg cites sources "familiar with the matter". It confirms largely what's been heard before but adds weight to a new Apple Watch Series 4 screen which will offer more display in the same size body. This, presumably, will be achieved by getting rid of any bezel, just like the iPhone X did.

Apple is also rumoured to be launching several new iPads. These will likely also have the bezel trim down treatment meaning Apple can reveal all its new mobile products with a similar fresh design.

Despite all this, the sources are calling this an "s" year meaning incremental updates rather than a complete design overhaul. That's expected in 2019. The name iPhone Xs was even mentioned. The two top end iPhone models should have enhanced cameras and speeds while the third will offer a more affordable option.

Expect everything to be revealed around September this year.