New Christopher Ward Bel Canto collaboration might be the best looking yet

The popular watch is designed in collaboration with Andrew Morgan Watches – but you'll need to act fast to get one!

The Christopher Ward x Andrew Morgan Watches Bel Canto
(Image credit: Christopher Ward)
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Christopher Ward has collaborated with the popular YouTuber, Andrew Morgan Watches.

The pair has come together to release a stunning Bel Canto – but you'll need to be quick to get your hands on one!

There are any number of timepieces which might be considered the best watch on the market. The whole industry is awash with a variety of models, ranging from the exuberant to the classy; the pricey to the priceless.

Truthfully, attempting to single out just one watch worthy of merit seems futile. With such a rich tapestry of artistic and mechanical prowess on show, it can be hard to single out just one for the top prize.

If we had to built a shortlist, though, the Christopher Ward Bel Canto would undoubtedly be on that list. Making its debut at the tail end of 2022, the Bel Canto was the most affordable mechanical Swiss chiming watch on the market.

Demand skyrocketed and it has remained on a waitlist ever since. Fortunately, the scarcity hasn't put off collaborators. Today, the brand announced a partnership with the popular YouTuber, Andrew Morgan Watches.

Donning a striking red dial which Morgan describes as "redder than a Brit in Marbella," the model looks to identify a gap in the current offering.

Speaking about the design decisions, Morgan said, "I knew immediately what colour I wanted: red. It’s the third most popular colour after blue and green, and the Bel Canto already comes in blue and green."

Users will find the same spec sheet as other models in the range here. The 41mm case is crafted from Grade 5 Titanium, offering a lightweight solution but also acting as the perfect resonant soundboard for the chiming mechanism.

The eagle eyed among you will spot a couple of changes on the dial, though. Both the chime indicator and the rubies in the exposed movement have been swapped out to leave the red of the dial as the only vibrant colour.

Priced at £3,195 and with a choice of three different strap options – a Delugs White Rubber CTS, a Delugs Grey Alcantara Signature, or a Christopher Ward Bader bracelet – this is certain to be a hit. And good news, it's not being produced in limited numbers.

Instead, the brand is offering the piece via a limited window. Every order placed in that time will be produced, with no-one having to miss out. Deliveries are expected in December 2024.

To get involved, you'll need to head to the Christopher Ward website between June 27th and July 3rd.

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