Netflix original comedy movie leaves next month – it's a hidden gem

Play your cards right and watch this film

Win it all
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Netflix is losing on of its original movies. Win it All is an under-appreciated gem that is more than worthy of your time before it departs on April 7th. 

Netflix originals are often some of the longest-lasting and highest-quality content on the platform, so when one leaves it's kind of a big deal. In fairness, you've had since 2017 to watch this movie but perhaps now with a deadline, you'll make time for it. 

Win it All is a criminally underrated movie that leaves the streaming service on April 7th. Its star (and co-writer) is also underappreciated. Jake Johnson, probably best known for his time as Nick Miller on the sitcom New Girl is in top form as gambling addict Eddie.

He's a normal guy, recovering from his addiction, but one of the worst things that you could present a recovering gambling addict with is a big bag of cash. That's exactly what happens when a crook, knowing he's going to prison for a stretch, entrusts Eddie with a bag of moolah.

Eddie resists for a time, but he inevitably starts to gamble with the ill-gotten cash. Let's be honest, that can only end one way. It's a simple set up but as the 85% Rotten Tomatoes score suggests, it's a journey well worth taking.

Johnson's usual schtick as the lovable loser works well here as you can't help but root for him even as you know things are only going to go one way. Any movie about poker is bound to come with tension, and while it's not quite Molly's Game in terms of pure poker, you will be gripped. The advantage it has over similar stories is that it also has a beautifully sweet romance.

Amid his troubles, Eddie meets nurse Eva (Aislinn Derbez) and they have an instant connection. While we do want to see Eddie and Eva get closer, it also means he has more to lose, and that she too might be in danger. 

I don't know what the fate of Win it All will be when it leaves Netflix but hopefully, it won't disappear forever. If you don't watch it before April 7th, that's a risk you didn't need to take. 

Andy Sansom
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