Netflix is bringing the UK's best detective back, and I can't wait

He's better than Bosch, sillier than Sherlock and much better than DCI Banks

Luther on Netflix
(Image credit: Netflix)

I love detective shows. I can bore you senseless about Bosch, tell you why the DCI Banks books are so much better than the show and explain why I'm convinced Angela Lansbury in Murder She Wrote was a serial killer who framed countless innocent people for her crimes. But while there are lots of detective shows I like, there aren't many that I love.

Luther is one of those select few. 

DCI John Luther, played by the always-excellent Idris Elba, is a fantastic character, and the show teeters right on the edge between suspense and silliness. It's a gloriously satisfying cheeseburger of a show, so I'm over the moon to discover that the long-awaited Luther movie is coming to Netflix in March.

John's behind bars, but not for long

The plot of Luther: The Fallen Sun sounds like tons of fun. Luther's in prison after breaking one rule too many, but when an evil killer starts slaying innocent people and taunting Luther he breaks out of prison to do what Luther does best: find the bad guy in swaggering style.

I'm reassured to see that show creator Neil Cross is in charge of the writing and production here, and director Jamie Payne did a great job in Series 5 of the TV show. But it seems that my very favourite thing about the Luther shows isn't going to make it into the movie. 

Luther's long-time antagonist Alice Morgan, played by the mesmerising Ruth Wilson, doesn't appear to be making an appearance in the film - but she is in the TV series, so if you haven't already seen Luther then head over to iPlayer where  you can enjoy all five seasons so far.

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