Netatmo launches first ever smart door lock that will convert smart lock sceptics

The Netatmo Smart Door Lock is built to protect against potential break-ins, but you’ll have to wait for it

Netatmo Smart Door Lock and Keys launch
(Image credit: Netatmo)

French smart home company Netatmo has just announced the launch of its first ever Smart Door Lock and Keys. Adding to its extensive portfolio of smart security products, the Netatmo Smart Door Lock and Keys are designed to protect homes from physical break-ins that I think will convince even the harshest smart lock sceptics.

For those new to Netatmo, the brand is best known for its range of best smart thermostats and best security cameras. For over 10 years, Netatmo has been dedicated to making homes safe, and its new Netatmo Smart Door Lock and Keys are aimed to provide safer and flexible access to the home, while putting off potential intruders.

The Netatmo Smart Door Lock provides a similar level of security to bank cards and biometric passports. Designed to withstand hacking attempts and physical break-ins, the Netatmo Smart Door Lock is built against forced entry, picking, drilling, pulling and cutting. Unlike other best smart locks, the lock isn’t connected to the internet to avoid hacks, and can be unlocked by inserting the Netatmo Smart Keys or with your smartphone via an encrypted and secure Bluetooth communication protocol.

Packed with mechanical and electronic security measures, the Netatmo Smart Door Lock cylinder is made from high-strength stainless steel with an anti-drilling plate and three security pins. Not only does this ensure high levels of protection, but it’s been tested vigorously by security professionals, with the German research institute for IT security, AV-Test, stating: "The Netatmo Smart Lock and its Keys proved to be exemplary in our tests and in all relevant test areas - its solid design combined with the very good implementation of data protection leaves no room for cynicism.”

The Secure Element built into the Netatmo Smart Door Lock is what enables its actions like locking, unlocking and adding new keys. Three physical Smart Keys come with the Netatmo Smart Door Lock and can be instantly deactivated in the Netatmo Home + Security app if they’ve been lost or stolen.

Child unlocking the Netatmo Smart Door Lock using the Smart Keys

(Image credit: Netatmo)

With the Netatmo Home + Security app, users can add and manage as many keys as they want, and unlock their doors remotely using their smartphone. The app also allows users to grant temporary access when they’re away so guests can get into your home using their phones by downloading the Home + Guest app.

Other features of the Netatmo Smart Door Lock include 1-year battery life, and Apple Home compatibility. The Netatmo Smart Door Lock can be installed on doors with a euro cylinder, and Netatmo has a compatibility checking tool to see if the lock can be installed on your door.

The reason I think smart lock sceptics will enjoy the Netatmo Smart Door Lock is because it still comes with physical keys. Many people are hesitant to convert to smart locks as most take away that physical key and rely solely on phones or other electronic methods. If you want the reassurance of a key, the Netatmo Smart Door Lock introduces this new smart security to your home, but still gives you that back-up entry option.

The Netatmo Smart Door Lock is currently available in France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands, so the UK market will have to wait a little longer. EU pricing for the Netatmo Smart Door Lock starts at 379,99€, with additional accessories and extension kits available to purchase.

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