NES Mini Classic gets upgraded with wireless controller capability

The only thing wrong with the NES Mini Classic gets fixed with the NES30 Classic Edition Set

Well, that was fast. The NES Mini Classic has just had its one major problem fixed, with the NES30 Classic Edition Set allowing wireless controller use.

This is a big deal as the original NES Mini Classic only came with a wired, 2-foot-long controller cable, meaning you had to sit really close to the screen when gaming.

Indeed, we really liked the NES Mini Classic when we reviewed it here in T3 Towers, however we highlighted the issue with the super short cable and how it could compromise your usage.


The NES30 Classic Edition Set, however, comes with a NES30 wireless controller and Retro Receiver for the NES Mini Classic, allowing you to lose the wires all together.

What's more, the Retro Receiver allows you to use any 8Bitdo controller or arcade stick, as well as any wireless current gen controller - such as the DualShock 4 - too, meaning you can game with whatever you like.

Multiple controllers are also supported, the whole system is lag free and, neatly, you can return to the NES Mini Classic's home screen by pressing DOWN and SELECT.

We're guessing this product, which is currently in pre-order for a December 16th release, is going to sell out super fast though, so you should probably move quick if you want one in time for Christmas.

Robert Jones

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