My favourite tech product just got a neat sci-fi themed upgrade

The Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses are getting an AI-powered upgrade

Ray Ban Meta Smart Glasses
(Image credit: Meta)

When it comes to cool and interesting tech, it's hard to look beyond VR headsets. The category has captured the zeitgeist, offering users a way to totally immerse themselves in a virtual world.

They're not always the most practical devices though. Popular models like the Meta Quest 3 or the highly anticipated Apple Vision Pro have a very distinct look. You probably wouldn't make it through an airport wearing one without a few wayward glances, for example.

That's given rise to a range of more traditional looking eyewear, with built in AR or VR technology. For example, the Xiaomi Wireless AR Glass and the Rokid Max AR glasses have a much more acceptable design. You probably could get away with them in a lot of situations.

Now, the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses are joining that fray, with a new update. That's bringing a host of additional AI-powered search functionality to the device.

As reported by Engadget, the update brings up to date functionality to the glasses. Previously, they wouldn't have been able to utilise information beyond December 2022. That's due to a cutoff in the knowledge of Meta's AI.

Now, the brand have improved that with help from Bing. The result is a new search functionality which can operate in real time. Ask your glasses what an item in front of you is, and it can trawl through search data to find out. Or, ask it for advice on which trousers to pair with a particular top.

I'm really excited for this update. The Ray-Ban Meta glasses are unquestionably the most fashionable option for smart, face-mounted technology right now. Adding in some extra functionality to make them more useful helps to ensure that they aren't just a pretty face.

We'll have to wait and see how well the updates work, though. For now, the changes have been made in beta, which is only available to a select group in the USA. Expect more in the new year for other users.

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