My favourite free Nintendo game is about to get even better

Time for another lap

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Recently we've seen a host of great games released, with Starfield and Ea Sports FC 24 a couple of the biggest titles. But I have to admit I haven't played as much of them as I'd like, and that's all down to the free game Nintendo released earlier this month that rebooted my childhood. And it's set to get even better. 

F-Zero 99 is an ingenious take on the classic racing franchise that I just can't put down.  The first game in the series for 20 years is a battle-royale racing hybrid that sees 99 players race (and fight) to be the first over the line. Did I mention it's free? And free from pesky microtransactions.  

The one criticism that I think could be reasonably levelled at the game is that it's a little bit light on content, but that feels like looking a gift horse in the mouth. Nintendo has got us covered though with an update arriving tomorrow (29th September) that will bring a bunch of new tracks to battle on. 

F-Zero 99

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Five new tracks are scheduled to arrive tomorrow as part of the 'Queen League' Grand Prix update. Initially discovered by dataminer OatmealDome  Nintendo has now confirmed that Mute City II, Port Town I and Red Canyon I will be coming to the regular mode with White Land II and Death Wind II also arriving in Pro level events. This brings the total number of tracks up to twelve, but talk persists that there will be more to come later this year, most likely the 'King League' tracks. 

I'm looking forward to getting trounced on some more tracks but if I was to be super greedy I'd love a few more cars to choose from too. Regardless, with the game perfect in bite-sized chunks It's likely to have sole ownership of my lunch breaks for some time to come. Excitingly the same datamine also supposedly discovered a brand new 'Arcade' game mode where racers have to race against the clock, passing through gates for additional time, as well as another mysteriously dubbed 'Survival'. Now you're updated, meet me on the track, I'll probably be the one you overtake on the first corner. 

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