Move over Google Pixel 7a, new Sony Xperia sounds like a music-lover’s dream

The upcoming Sony Xperia 10 V could be your new go-to option if you love listening to music all day

Taken from the Sony launch of the Xperia 10 V
(Image credit: Sony)

If you use your phone primarily to listen to music, Sony’s upcoming Xperia 10 V could be ideal for you. With a similar price point to the Google Pixel 7a, it looks to have some of that original Sony Walkman DNA that sets it apart when it comes to audio. 

While the Google Pixel 7a and pretty much all other leading smartphones have embraced Bluetooth headphones, Sony’s Xperia range has been one of the last bastions of the headphone jack. Oh yes!

The 3.5mm jack on the Xperia 10 V alone should be enough of a reason to buy for those with the best wired headphones to take note. The analogue nature of wired headphones means they will always sound better than their wireless counterparts, just as vinyl trumps MP3. 

Even with the added presence of the headphone jack, the Xperia 10 V is the lightest phone on the market with a 5000mAh battery. That’s the same capacity as the king of Android the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and more than the Google Pixel 7’s 4500mAh capacity. So that’s a lot of Spotify!

If you love to run to music too, the weight – it's just 159g – is a welcome addition. Even considering its lightweight build, the Xperia 10 V still manages to pack an audio punch with hi-res audio, front stereo speakers and Sony’s DSEE Ultimate sound upscaling technology. Sony’s Hi-Res LDAC is also present, as is its 360 Reality Audio spatial audio-style tech. 

As for battery life, Sony’s internal testing suggests the battery will retain up to 80% of its original capacity even after three years of use. Talking about capacity, Google’s Pixel 7 doesn’t have the ability to expand the storage space with SD cards, while the Xperia 10 V can be boosted up to 1TB. That’s a lot of songs and almost enough space for the extended live version of Stairway to Heaven (around 15 minutes long!). 

If you’re looking for an Android MP3 player, Sony seems to have ticked every box with the Xperia 10 V, but its bigger brother, the Xperia 1 V, boasts even more audio features (albeit at a higher price) and even the ability to create your own music with Sony’s Music Pro app. If your budget can stretch, it might be worth a look. 

Andy Sansom
Staff Writer

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