Moto Watch 100 just gained a useful free Apple Watch inspired upgrade

Fall detection and a family sharing tool comes to the $100 smartwatch

Moto Watch 100
(Image credit: eBuyNow)

If you’re looking for a fully-fledged smartwatch on a tight budget, then it’s hard to look past the new Moto Watch 100.

Now shipping in the US, the watch is made by a company called eBuy Now, which is the latest firm to manufacture technology products by using Motorola’s name under licence.

Priced at $100, the watch has just received a software update including a range of new features, including fall detection.

First appearing on the Apple Watch Series 4 of 2018, fall detection uses the wearable's accelerometer to register when the user has taken a heavy fall and not immediately got up again.

If the person doesn't move after a fall, the device issues a notification to check if they’re okay, and if they don’t respond it’ll make an emergency call.

The Moto Watch 100 update also includes a family sharing function. With the wearer's permission, this shares information about their heart rate, blood oxygen level, also known as SpO2, and any falls they've had, with family members. That way, elderly or disabled people can live independently at home, while their relatives are informed if the watch detects a fall. The system uses technology from BellPal, a medical alerts company.

“The family sharing software we are releasing on our Moto Watch 100 enables users to protect, connect, and communicate with loved ones to monitor them on a daily basis,” said Craig Smith, CEO at eBuyNow. “This long term strategic partnership we are announcing with BellPal brings new and critical features to Moto Watch users, including fall detection, heart rate monitoring, and SPo2 monitoring for family members that need some extra care.”

Moto Watch 100

(Image credit: eBuyNow)

As well as fall detection, the Moto Watch 100 has a heart rate monitor, activity tracking for 28 different types of sport, GPS, notifications from a Bluetooth-connected smartphone (Android or iPhone), sleep tracking, an always-on display and a claimed battery life of up to two weeks.

The 42mm aluminium case is water resistant to 50 metres (5 ATM) and industry-standard, quick-release lug bars mean the strap can easily be swapped for any other. Available in silver and black, the Moto Watch 100 runs a new “streamlined” operating system called Moto Watch OS. This is instead of Google’s Wear OS, which is used by the older Moto 360 smartwatch.

We’re yet to try the Moto Watch 100 for ourselves, but if it lives up to its manufacturer’s promises, it could be a great option for those who want a feature-packed smartwatch on a budget – and especially for consumers who want the peace of mind offered by fall detection, providing the feature is accurate and reliable.

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