Monitor launches new Shadow slimline speakers

40mm deep high-end speakers designed for the flatscreen era

The Monitor Audio Shadow range is Monitor Audio's high-end response to the super-slim LED TVs that have now become the norm in living rooms

Monitor Audio have unveiled their latest high-end speakers the Monitor Audio Shadow range, a series of super-slim speakers that have been designed to compliment the LED TVs that have taken over our living rooms.

At just 4mm thin the speakers are constructed from black anodised aluminium and have been designed to work perfectly when placed up against walls.

Coming in three different sizes Shadow 25, Shadow 50 and Shadow 60 each one is designed to compliment the other or work alone with all of them featuring both premium drivers and tweeters.

Working as the base unit the Shadow Centre is a soundbar designed to work alongside the others as part of an integrated home cinema set up giving you what Monitor Audio believes is the perfectly balanced surround sound.

Of course the big question is how much will these super-svelte speakers set you back? Well the S25's cost £500 a pair with the top of the range S60's costing a hefty £900 so they're by no means cheap.