Microsoft Edge inches closer to Safari in the desktop browser rankings

Microsoft Edge continues to close the gap for second place

Microsoft Edge
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Microsoft Edge could still oust Safari from number two in the desktop browser rankings — that’s according to new analysis of data from June 2021, which shows that Safari holds 9.7% desktop browser market share against Edge’s 8.1%.

Tracing the data back to March 2021, Microsoft Edge held an 8.03% desktop market share, whereas Safari clocked in at 10.11%. Given that this trend continues, with Edge making small but significant gains, Safari is on track to be removed from second place by Edge. 

The research arrives direct from Statcounter, showing Edge as inching ever closer to Safari, even if the gains made by Microsoft's browser have somewhat slowed over the last few months. Desktop browser rankings, of course, can have tumultuous periods, ebbing and flowing with users’ shifting tastes, and also impacted by the roll-out of interface updates, such as updates to desktop browsers' windows. The success or failure of which can see a browser fall out of favor.

Despite both browsers undergoing their respective share of ups and downs, the charts are very clear: both browsers’ data lines will soon intersect on Statcounter’s infographic, given that the current trend continues at a steady pace.

Silver medalist 

Readers should remember that Microsoft Edge is only battling to depose Safari from second place in the desktop browser rankings. Pole position is still occupied by Google Chrome, as it still remains the most popular browser by a clear distance.

Windows Central notes that Chrome's popularity won't be disappearing anytime soon, with it "currently controlling 68.76% market share as of June 2021." Furthermore, while Chrome itself can have turbulent periods where it dips in popularity, it, on the whole, remains steady and certainly isn't under any immediate threat from Edge's 8.1% desktop browser market share, which looks paltry in comparison.

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