Google Health app could make sharing your medical records a whole lot easier on Android

Google Health app may be coming to Android, could help users integrate medical records

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Google is reportedly working on a new health app, which will integrate all of your medical records for your doctors and healthcare providers. If Google is able to successfully compile these records in a single place, it means you could then easily share your records with, say, friends and family or anyone else who might need access to them.

Of course, digitally bundling heaps of medical records into one shareable place isn't easy, with Google having to optimize dense historical records for the Android OS interface. 

News of the alleged Google Health app comes from 91mobiles and Ishan Agarwal, who is a popular tipster and purveyor of tech leaks. The leaks show that the app could function by pulling your medical records from doctors' visits, while also including your visits to lab sites and more. The idea here being that Google presents a "unified view of your health" for caregivers, as per the description from the leaked Google Health app screenshot.

Given that this is a leak (and a grainy one at that), all info should be taken with a healthy pinch of salt. But according to the source, the app is reportedly undergoing testing right now, while it awaits final approval. 

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Should the leaked screenshots hold some accuracy, then we can glean some small nuggets of useful information about what Google might be planning for its Google Health app interface. Split into several categories, users can access menus for contacts, records, profile ages and sharing. While it all looks neatly packaged at the moment, Google could quite easily abandon the idea if it hits any development hitches along the way, or simply decide to scrap the app completely. 

Either way, it's good to see Google focusing its energy on health-related applications, especially in the pandemic world we now live in. To that end, Google has also announced that Google Pay now has the ability to store COVID-19 vaccination cards, which has aptly been named the COVID Card. 

In a similar manner to the Google Pay-stored COVID Card, which first rolled out to Android devices, should a Google Health app surface anytime in the near future, it's likely to initially launch for Android users before arriving on iOS devices at some point later down the line.

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