Meta Quest headsets get a great free upgrade packed with essential new features

Meta Quest v66 rolling out to Meta Quest 3, Quest 2 and Quest Pro headsets

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Quick Summary

Meta is pushing out a free software update for Meta Quest 3 and other headsets that add a few new features and tweaks.

Headlining the v66 software is improved passthrough when using the headset in mixed reality mode.

The Meta Quest 3 might only have been available for a few months, but it's already seen a fair few software updates – most of which to add new features, such as a travel mode for use when on an airplane.

Now new firmware is rolling out to improve one of its existing capabilities, while also introducing a few tweaks and enhancements that owners will welcome.

Meta Quest v66 is also for the Meta Quest Pro and Meta Quest 2 VR headsets, but it's arguably the Meta Quest 3 that benefits most. That's because its number one new feature is improved passthrough for that particular device.

The patch refines the software to "significantly reduce" image distortion when in passthrough mode. This allows real-world objects to look more natural, while also appearing less blurred or streaky when you move your head.

In addition, Meta claims that overlaid virtual hands sync more accurately to your real ones, so you can better interact with objects when in passthrough.

The Meta Quest v66 software also tweaks the way background audio works. Now, when you are playing a game or using a Quest app, you can play music or other sounds from another app or service while doing so.

You can start to play the audio in a 2D app, such as a browser window, then minimise it. The audio will no longer cut out until you want it to.

A new gesture control has been added, too. Improved hand tracking makes controlling the menu system more intuitive and accessible, while new buttons will appear on your virtual wrist that you can tap to bring up in-game and in-system menu screens.

You need to turn on the feature first (in the Experimental Settings panel), so don't worry if you don't think you need it.

Finally, there are new updates to the parental supervision features. Children aged 10 and above who are supervised by the same parent or guardian can now see one another in the Family Center.

You will have to set up parental supervision in the Family Center first, but the rest should be automated.

Meta Quest v66 is starting to roll out now and should be on your headset soon. Some of the features above, including the improved passthrough capabilities, may take a little longer to be implemented.

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