Mercedes to use Google Maps and features as part of a new MB.OS

The next-generation Mercedes operating system uses Google integration for better route planning and autonomous driving systems

Mercedes Research and development North America
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The Mercedes in-car infotainment system is getting a big makeover. The current MBUX system will be replaced with a new MB.OS that has Google at its heart. This not only allows the benefits of Google’s Maps and features but through the native integration, allows it to include charge and energy consumption into route planning. 

Announcing the new system at the Mercedes Benz Research and Development North America in the heart of Silicon Valley, Mercedes CEO Ola Kälenius said, “by combining this in-house expertise with a selection of world-class partners, we will create an outstanding customer experience, from driving assistance, navigation and entertainment, all the way to integrated charging. MB.OS will feature full upgradeability and constant improvements.”

The potential for Mercedes’ autonomous driving systems is a big part of the upgrade. Featuring the Nvidia Drive Orin system-on-a-chip, the MB.OS will see advances in the current Level 2 autonomous systems as well as the ability to upgrade the new Drive Pilot Level 3 autonomy in the Mercedes EQS and Mercedes S-Class that currently allows the driver to take their eyes off the wheel in traffic (in some regions). 

Mercedes Autonomous driving

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The MB.OS will also include YouTube for video content, Webex and Zoom for video conferencing and Antstream for arcade games. With Google on board, MB.OS will have access to all the business locations and destinations to make finding where you want to go even easier.

A third generation of the MBUX will appear in the new E-Class models this year. This allows the installation of third-party apps to the system. A new Places feature powered by Google is available now to provide location information into the current Mercedes mapping.  The new MB.OS is expected to be available from 2025.

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