Meet the Dyson Small Ball, a tiny upright for people with large(ish) homes

Smaller, quieter, and with a longer cable

We really like Dyson's cordless vacuums here at T3, they're perfect for small-to-medium sized houses, but if you live in something larger than the average UK home (which is only eight times the size of a London taxi, apparently), you may prefer an upright vacuum cleaner.

That's where the new Small Ball comes in, as the name suggests, it's smaller than Dyson's existing Ball vacuum, making it easier to lug around your large halls.

While the average upright weighs in at 7kg, the new one from Dyson weighs just 5.5kg.

The Small Ball uses two tier radial cyclones, and the head automatically adjusts between carpetand hard floors, to ensure big and small particles get sucked up.

Other advancements include a 30-percent noise reduction, a tangle-free turbine to stop hair from clogging up the brush, and a 45-percent longer cable allowing you to reach the furthest corners of your mansion.

Find out more details about the Dyson Small Ball here.