LOQED launches first smart lock to open and close doors with one touch

One touch is all it takes with the LOQED Touch Smart Lock

LOQED Touch Smart Lock launch
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Dutch smart home company LOQED has just announced the LOQED Touch Smart Lock, the first smart lock that can open and close your door with one touch. Originally launched in the Netherlands, the LOQED Touch Smart Lock has now arrived in the UK, giving users a safe and secure way to enter and exit your home without needing to use your keys.

If you’ve ever found yourself locked out of your house and unable to locate your keys, investing in one of the best smart locks could be the answer to all your problems. Offering effortless entry to your home means you never have to worry about losing your keys again, as you can lock or unlock your doors using your smartphone.

The smart lock market has significantly grown over the past few years with many people wanting to better protect their homes from potential intruders. A new(er) name to the smart lock industry is LOQED, with the brand claiming that its LOQED Touch Smart Lock is the first smart lock that opens and closes with a single touch.

To enter your home, all you have to do is touch the touchscreen of the LOQED Touch Smart Lock. It’s really that simple! While this might sound worrying from a security perspective, CEO and founder of LOQED, Pierre van den Oord states that the lock “knows whether you’re inside or outside and doesn’t make those mistakes, thanks to geofencing and proximity detection on the inside and outside of the lock to ensure this function works reliably.”

Security is at the forefront of the LOQED Touch Smart Lock. The company found that the weak link in most front doors is the lock’s keyhole and cylinder which can be easily snapped by burglars to break-in. The LOQED Touch Smart Lock has a highly secure cylinder and removes the need for a keyhole altogether for tighter security.

Combined with end-to-end encryption and digital signatures, the LOQED Touch Smart Lock uses the same standard as most banks, giving you peace of mind and making it harder for burglars and hackers to break into your home. It’s also been awarded the highest achievable SKG*** certification.

LOQED Touch Smart Lock on white background

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With LOQED, your phone doesn’t even need to leave your pocket for you to gain entry to your home, giving you convenient access even when you have your hands full. If your phone dies, you can still unlock your front door with a personalised code.

Using the LOQED app (which is free to download for iOS and Android users), you can send digital keys to your friends and family so they can enter your home while you’re away. A feature that will definitely come in handy with Airbnb renters, you can also easily assign and remove keys as and when you need to.

Other smart features include Alexa, Google Assistant and other smart home ecosystem integrations with the Matter protocol set to follow towards the end of 2023. The LOQED Touch Smart Lock is battery powered and has an expected battery life of up to 12 months.

Available to buy on the LOQED website or at select retailers like Amazon, the LOQED Touch Smart Lock is £299 and comes in standard or black editions.

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