Logitech's iPad Pro Folio Touch targets Apple Magic Keyboard scalp

Logitech's Folio Touch looks like a really fierce competitor to Apple's Magic Keyboard

Logitech Folio Touch Apple Magic Keyboard
(Image credit: Logitech)

The Apple iPad Pro is the best tablet in the world today – this is why it currently sits at the top of T3's best tablets guide as the "best premium tablet" to buy.

And, simply put, the best products deserve the best accessories, which is something that Logitech is clearly aware of. That's because in a brand new press release on its website, Logitech has announced the Folio Touch, a new flexible keyboard case with a trackpad for the 11-inch iPad Pro model (1st and 2nd generation).

The Logitech Folio Touch is the first keyboard with a trackpad designed for the ‌iPad Pro‌ and it's a more affordable alternative to Apple’s Magic Keyboard. It is not the first keyboard with a trackpad from Logitech, though.

Previously, Logitech launched the Combo Touch, a keyboard with a trackpad that serves well with the 7th-generation iPad, the ‌iPad‌ Air, and the 10.5-inch ‌iPad Pro‌.

Regarding the features, the case is flexible, so you can fold it up to a 40-degree angle. The Logitech Folio Touch supports four use modes, too – including typing, reading, viewing, and sketching, which gives a similar experience to using a laptop. 

Folio Touch also provides protection for corners and back of the iPad Pro and of course the screen.

Logitech Folio Touch

(Image credit: Logitech)

The case also includes a full row of backlit shortcut keys for iPadOS (that's missing in Apple's Magic Keyboard), and you can adjust their brightness based on room lighting.

Logitech Folio also provides a place for the Apple Pencil. The trackpad supports multi-touch gestures to swipe, scroll, switch apps and double-tap which enhances productivity.

You don't need to worry about charging, Folio Touch gets its power from iPad Pro itself thanks to Apple’s Smart Connector which provides pairing between Folio Touch and iPad pro which means that there is no need for Bluetooth or to charge the case separately.

Husayn Hashim