Is Logitech Circle 2 the best smart home camera yet?

One stylish yet waterproof camera to rule them all: indoors, outdoors, or even stuck to glass

Logitech has unveiled its second generation smart home camera in the Logitech Circle 2 - and it’s modular.

The Logitech Circle 2 is weatherproof and waterproof and will come in both wired and wireless versions. This is great if you want to place the camera outside without worrying about wiring it up to the mains. And yes, it actually is great as the battery now lasts up to three months. This is thanks to smart movement sensors that only activate the camera when needed.

Once you’ve decided which camera you want, wired or wireless, then you can buy adapters to suit your needs. There are wall mounts, plug socket mounts, a waterproof outdoor cabling, a rechargeable battery housing and there’s even a window mount. The window mount has the camera’s face stuck to the window pointing through - ideal for filming outside without leaving the camera outdoors, or perhaps keeping an eye on the greenhouse.

The actual camera unit has been upgraded over the first generation with a better speaker, wider angle lens and improved connectivity. There’s an 8x digital zoom in the app, 24-hours free playback and that awesome summary of the day in 30-seconds. All that is now also Apple HomeKit friendly and works with the Amazon Echo too for voice controls. 

The Logitech Circle 2 will be available in July for £169 wired and £199 wireless. Accessories are between £26 and £52. If you want to opt for more cloud storage of footage there are basic and premium options - the later of which offers person detection and motion zones, but only if you are paying.

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