Libratone Live and Lounge speakers now available

UK launch via Apple store for high-end Airplay speakers

With the iPhone 4S proving to be a huge success and iOS 5 bringing Airplay improvements it was only a matter of time before some speakers started popping up, first up is Libratone

Libratone the Danish high-end audio company has just announced that both its Live and Lounge models are now available in the UK via the Apple Store.

Both featuring the same minimalistic design that makes Libratone so recognisable the speakers are designed to be stand alone objects capable of filling a room with sound at ease. Both speakers are now available with Apple's Airplay technology which means that you can stream your music from pretty much any iDevice you can think of, iPhone 4S, iPad 2 or even iPod Touch.

Of course these speakers aren't cheap, wrapped in Italian wool they are premium right down to the screws and as such come at a price. The smaller Live is available for a rather hefty £599 while the Lounge is all yours for a even heftier £1,089, both from the Apple store.

What do you think, style over substance or one of the best Airplay speakers you can get? Let us know what you think via the comments box below...

Thomas Tamblyn

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