Lego is making three ultra-rare collector sets available to everyone for a limited time!

These three fantastic Lego sets were only available from a single store in Denmark, but now you can order them online – while it lasts…

Lego House exclusive sets
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Lego sometimes makes exclusive sets that are available only in specific locations, and three of the coolest of these are its sets for Lego House, an amazing Lego museum and play experience based next to Lego's HQ in Billund, Denmark.

Lego House contains giant rivers of Lego for kids to play with, and also has some amazing Lego creations, including the largest Lego structure ever built: the Tree of Creativity, made from well over six million bricks.

The whole place is astounding (we've been, and it's just incredibly cool no matter how old you are), and the three exclusive Lego sets that are based on Lego House are desperately desirable, especially for big Lego fans.

Browse the three Lego House exclusive sets at Lego online

However, until now, the only place to buy these was from Lego House itself, so anyone who can't make it there has missed out on some really cool sets. But for a limited time, Lego is making the three Lego House exclusive available to everyone to buy online.

The best Lego sets of all kinds

The best of the three sets is the Lego Architecture version of Lego House itself, which recreates the Lego-brick-style construction of the building, and its colourful roof sections (which are all different playgrounds on the real version). You can even lift out the middle of the roof to reveal a mini version of the lobby underneath, even with a tiny version of the Tree of Creativity.

Lego House

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Then there's the Lego set that depicts the Tree itself, and comes with a minifig of a Lego House employee that's pretty close to being to scale with the model. In real life, the trees branches all have elaborate Lego builds of the different themes Lego has offered over the years, and these are reproduced in simpler mini forms on the model. It's a very cool set.

Lego Tree of Creativity

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Finally, there are the three dinosaurs, which recreate three giant dinosaurs that sit within Lego House – one made from regular Lego, one made from Duplo and one made from Technic. The model versions are all pose-able, and include features to really evoke the differences between the bigger originals.

Lego Dinosaur

(Image credit: Lego Group)

All three models are available order from the Lego Store online. We don't know how long they'll last there, so if you're a big Lego fan (or know one), don't miss your opportunity to grab these without a trip to deepest Denmark.

Buy the Lego Architecture Lego House set from Lego online
Buy the Lego House Tree of Creativity set from Lego online
Buy the Lego House Dinosaurs set from Lego Online

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