New Tesla accessory is a must-have for multi-day car journeys …and it’s affordable

Now you can camp comfortably in your car

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As the infrastructure grows, more people people switch from gas-guzzling monsters to e-cars. Some of these people might even want to use their cars for camping.

If you drive a Tesla Model Y and want to enjoy a night under the stars but can't be bothered to set up a tent, the company has an nice surprise for you.

The brand's latest accessory is an inflatable air mattress for its bestselling vehicle, Model Y, and it only costs $225 – not too earth-shattering at all!

The air mattress has been designed to fit perfectly across the back seats and boot of the car, so you actually get a decent amount of space to rest your head (even if it’s not quite the size of a double bed).

The in-car camping bed is three inches high and has been filled with a high-density foam to provide an close-to-lurious slumber insode your vehicle. The exterior has been crafted with a polyester waterproof exterior, so it's durable, too.

Model Y air mattress close up

(Image credit: Tesla)

It comes equipped with an air pump and an air pump adaptor to save you having to pack your own. Heavens forbid you get a puncture during your trip, Tesla has also sorted you out with two repair stickers to get you out of trouble.

All this comes packaged in a pretty nice-looking carry bag, which you can stow neatly in the rear well of your vehicle.

The air mattress is currently only available in North America and has already sold out, so it's clearly a product Tesla owners have been looking to get their hand on for a long time. 

Tesla hasn’t released any news as to when or if they’ll be making the Model Y air mattress available in other countries, but we’ll keep you updated and are also keeping our fingers crossed that it’s soon!

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