KitchenAid's Free Standing Microwave combi oven will make you seem like a professional chef

It's also stylish, high-end yet affordable (by KitchenAid standards)

KitchenAid KMQFX33910 Free Standing Microwave combi oven

Want to exude the air of being a professional chef, produce food like a pro chef and yet not require any particular skill or need an excessive amount of time? KitchenAid’s latest Freestanding Microwave Oven (aka KItchenAid KMQFX33910) is your answer. This kitchen appliance spurns the usual, somewhat placcy, approach to microwave design in favour of a tastefully rugged industrial finish, a big, tactile control knob, massive door handle and approximately 5 billion ways to cook your dinner. These include microwave, 'forced air' oven, grill, oven and grill, microwave and grill, steam oven… the list goes on. There are also 'over 50' pre-programmed recipes. 

It’s not cheating; it just gets the work done when you're time poor. And on the non-microwave settings you can use that new, wireless Meater thermometer you just bought on our recommendation.

Mmm, pie

In fact, KitchenAid's 'microwave' actually offers such an impressively diverse range of quick and easy preparation options, you’ll be serving up meals as if you’ve just finished a course at the local cookery school. 

For the kids, the Crisp Plate feature heats up food in mere minutes from both above and below. Any parent will know that this means perfectly crisp chicken nuggets and pizzas and samosas that your kids will actually eat without fuss. It's also good for sizzling cutlets.

Thanks to a sophisticated-sounding 3D microwave combi system you can also roast an unsuspecting chicken in just 30 minutes. Delicious home baked focaccia can be yours in just 8.

It's also great for baking, with a raft of selections that let you turn out scones, cookies, muffins, pies and bread rolls galore. The Dough Rising Function gives you a secure, cosy 38-degree temperature that’ll produce succulent ready-to-go dough in no time, while a Soft Melting Function lets you reduce chocolate or butter to a runny dribble in no time. 'Forced Air' convention is another handy baking aid, reducing the risk of hot or cold spots. 

Forced Air is great for roasting meats, too, as is the microwave/grill combo option. Oh, and there's a self-cleaning function, too.

KitchenAid has been making primo appliances since 1919, and this is on the affordable side, by its standards. At £499 and with no less than 33 litres of internal capacity, it's a perfect backup oven; your rectangular, metallic sous-chef.

Rob Clymo

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