KEF LS60 Wireless Lotus Edition combines classic car looks with audiophile streaming

Floorstanding KEF audio system looks elegant in Lotus colours

KEF LS60 Lotus Edition
(Image credit: KEF)

British audio brand KEF has continued its collaboration with renowned car maker Lotus to create a floorstanding audio system that combines both companies' iconic sense of style.

After partnering to include KEF audio in the Lotus Eletre all-electric SUV, the brands have now announced the KEF LS60 Wireless Lotus Edition system. It is based on the existing, elegant LS60 and comprises two wireless speakers (in all but power) that can play music streamed via an iOS or Android device.

Each speaker features the proprietary 12th gen Uni-Q with MAT driver array. This ensures that sound is delivered free of distortion and with complete clarity. There are two 5.25-inch Uni-Core driver arrays on each speaker too, which handle bass levels and negate the need for a separate subwoofer.

KEF LS60 Lotus Edition

(Image credit: KEF)

The bass drivers are mounted back to back in a force-cancelling arrangement, in order to eliminate cabinet vibration - even though each speaker is relatively super slim.

There is a mixture of Class AB and Class D amplifiers on-board and the system is capable of up to 1400W total power output.

Up to 24 bit / 96kHz music can be streamed wirelessly, although you can also connect a cable for up to 24 bit / 192kHz lossless listening. The available ports are HDMI eARC, optical, coaxial and RCA. Both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connections are supported.

KEF LS60 Lotus Edition

(Image credit: KEF)

The LS60 Lotus Edition system is compatible with Apple AirPlay 2 and Google Chromecast streaming, too. You can send music direct from a number of music steaming apps, using Spotify Connect, Tidal and QPlay.

Finally, the system supports the streaming of PCM files up to 24 bit / 384kHz, as well as MQA and DSD encoding.

Also available in blue and white, the Lotus Edition of the KEF LS60 is finished in British racing green, which really offsets the gold tone of the main driver.

"At KEF we have always been in pursuit of audio perfection and have a passion for sharing the magic of great sound, and we believe that for our customers it isn't only about producing the perfect sound it is also about the lifestyle and experience that goes with it," said KEF's president and head of global marketing, Grace Lo.

The KEF LS60 Lotus Edition is available in the US now from the KEF website, priced at $6,999.99.

We're still awaiting UK pricing and availability details.

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