Have the Queen direct you with new Waze feature for Jubilee weekend

Learn the secrets of royal etiquette and get to where you're going with nav app add-on

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Navigation app Waze is adding a set of new features to celebrate the Queen's platinum jubilee this weekend.

Available between 1 and 7 June, the features will see a voice inspired by Queen Elizabeth II direct you from A to B, while pronunciation and etiquette tips are delivered in-between driving instructions.

The limited-time features also see a set of new Moods land on the app, with three Corgi dogs called Playful, Loyal and Pampered offered alongside Sentry, a grenadier guard complete with bearskin hat.

Waze is also adding a new car icon in the form of Her Majesty's royal limousine.

The Google-owned navigation company said: "You'll serve at the young Queen's pleasure, while learning the way to manoeuvre like a royal. From the proper way to pronounce ma'am to the secrets of handbag messages, she'll help make sure your etiquette, and driving, is always on point."

Waze platinum jubilee moods

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On that note, did you know that the Queen moves her handbag from one arm to the other to signify that she wishes to end the conversation and be moved along from whoever she's talking to? Perhaps with some guidance from Waze you can try that out for yourself at a Jubilee party this weekend.

Waze says the jubilee-themed updates will be available for a limited time, between 1 and 7 June.

To use the Queen mood and voices, head into Settings then Voice & Sound -> Waze Voice. To swap out your current vehicle avatar for the royal limo, head to Settings -> Map Display -> Car Icon.

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