JIM is Amazon Echo for whiskey drinkers

"JIM, get me absolutely loaded"

In news that we feel has come a little too early, as in five months too early, the near April Fools-level JIM smart decanter is the Amazon Echo whiskey drinkers have been waiting for.

That's because JIM will automatically pour whiskey (preferably Jim Beam bourbon, naturally) on command, with the decanter even voiced à la Alexa by Beam's 7th Generation Master Distiller Fred Noe.

Just to be clear, no, this isn't apparently an April Fools' Day joke - although it may very well be a short-lived marketing ruse. Check out the video below, which shows JIM in action, and make up your own mind:

According to JIM's product page, which currently lists the smart decanter as "out of stock", the device apparently uses some 3G capabilities for something or other which, oddly, it states will "expire after roughly six months". Evidently, if JIM is real and you do get hold of one, then it looks like it is going to lose its smart functionality rather quickly.

So for $34.90 you are getting a decanter that will automatically pour you a whiskey if you ask it to, or play a small selection of droll pre-recorded responses by Master Distiller Fred Noe if you ask it anything else, for about half a year. It is also important to note that JIM does not come with any Jim Beam bourbon, but if you do get hold of one then you could always fill it up with something a little more premium.