Jaguar's all-electric revival is coming sooner than you think

A preview of its next electric car could happen before the end of 2023

Jaguar I-Pace
(Image credit: Jaguar Land Rover)

Jaguar says its plans to turn into an all-electric company by 2025 are on schedule, and a first look at its next EV might happen before the end of this year.

Shared by acting chief executive Adrian Mardell this week, the news will come as a relief to Jaguar fans left disappointed by the company’s lack of progress with electrification. Jaguar stole a march on its rivals with the battery-powered I-Pace when it arrived back in 2018, but since then the company has failed to make any further progress.

While sister brand Land Rover has enjoyed success, largely thanks to its perennially popular Range Rover, Range Rover Sport and Defender lines, Jaguar’s XE and XF saloons have struggled to compete against Audi, BMW and Mercedes.

Jaguar had planned to follow the I-Pace with an all-new, electric version of its XJ luxury saloon car, but this project was canned at the eleventh hour with no immediate successor. Jaguar’s plan now is to forge ahead with an all-electric model lineup, but to also take the brand up-market in a bid to stand alongside the Range Rover.

Speaking to Auto Express, Mardell said: “Our intention to pivot Jaguar to [become a] full EV brand remains in place. We already have advanced models which are being tested under research in several markets and we will finalise the model line-up over the next three to six months. We’ll begin to share that information, perhaps with a sneak preview, later this year. You will see a first Jaguar product in 2025 and then further products after that.”

Jaguar had originally said a preview of its next electric car would be saved until 2024. The prospect of an early glimpse arriving this year gives hope that the shift to electrification is on track.

Recognising how working with other companies, and especially technology firms, will be key for carmakers to survive the shift to electric, Mardell added: “Our business is about partnering; we don’t want to do everything ourselves. We’ve announced several partnerships already – companies like nVidia, Wolfspeed…We’ll be making announcements of further partnerships in the course of this year. We feel very confident around Jaguar; the investment is affordable.”

Jaguar recently said how it was in a "fortuitous" position, with technology giants laying off thousands of software engineers at a time when car makers seek to bolster their IT workforce. Jaguar opened a new job portal in November 2022 in a bid to fill 800 technology roles.

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