Is Sony planning to reveal the PlayStation Neo at a new event in September?

We'll all find out on 7 September

It's been heavily rumoured since the start of the year, and even no showed E3 2016 in June while Microsoft scrambled to show nothing but a logo and some hastily thrown together specs, but it looks like Sony might well be gearing up to reveal the PlayStation 4.5, aka 'Neo' next month.

The 'PlayStation Meeting', currently scheduled for 3pm Eastern (that's 8pm here in the UK) on 7 September at the PlayStation Theater in Times Square, New York, isn't exactly advertising the announcement of a new console, and we don't know for certain such a reveal will take place but all the signs suggest we're about to get the first glimpse at Sony's revamped console.

Much like the reveal of the PS4 itself back in February 2012, Sony simply announced an impromptu meeting and set back and let the rumours do the work for it. And with VR platform Morpheus already confirmed with a price and a release date back in June and no major first-party games big enough to warrant an official Sony event, such a move simply can't be anything else other than Neo.

The rumour mill has been working overtime on what Neo could mean for PlayStation, and what hardware it'll be packing if and when it arrives. Rumours include an Ultra HD Blu-ray player will native 4K and a beefed up processor capable of supporting Morpheus and a new generation of current-gen games with more stable frame rates and less upscaling.

Whatever details, we're confident we're all going to find out on the evening of Wednesday 7 September. T3 will be covering the event live on and Twitter so follow our account and bookmark the site for all the latest updates on Neo and more.

Via: Kotaku

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