The iPhone 7S and iPhone X launch event is on September 12

Apple's latest phones to be announced at first ever event at the Steve Jobs Theatre. What clues does the invite give us as to what to expect?

Hold on to your hats and start saving for a new case: we think the iPhone 8 or iPhone X and iPhone 7S and 7S Plus will be unveiled on September 12. 

Well, something sure as hell will, because that is when Apple's next event is taking place.

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Reports sourced from phone networks that will distribute the iPhone 8 had already flagged September 12 as the likely date, and as with most Apple leaks these days, lo, it has duly proved to be true. 

Informed sources suggest the iPhone 8, iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus will all go on sale the week after that launch event, meaning you could own a new iPhone 8 or iPhone X as soon as 22 September. 

However, other informed sources suggest the iPhone 8 will appear later, in October. So, they can't both be right.

Could a new Apple Watch 3 (maybe with LTE) and a 4K Apple TV also be shown off on that date? Our best guess would be "no" and "absolutely no damn way, or we'll eat the hats we were holding on to in paragraph 1," respectively. But we'll wait and see on that one…

The invite doesn't exactly seem packed with further clues as to what to expect, unless the colours on the Apple logo are the ones the iPhone 8 will come in. Or perhaps they represent a sort of broadcasting test card, because they are launching a TV. 

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