iPad Pro 2024 set for dazzling screen upgrade

A move to OLED displays is on the cards

iPad Pro 11 and iPad Pro 12.9
(Image credit: Apple)

Apple's iPads are some of the best tablets around, offering a slick interface, heaps of apps, premium design and solid battery life - but next year they're set to get even better.

That's according to Nikkei Asia, which claims "multiple tech industry executives" have confirmed Apple will make the switch from LCD to OLED displays for its iPads in 2024. The report states the new screens will feature "in its high-end iPads", which may mean only the iPad Pro duo.

This wouldn't be a surprise, as historically Apple has introduced new tech into the top-of-the-line Pro models before filtering it down in future generations to the Air and standard iPad variants.

Apple already uses OLED displays in its iPhones, having first introduced it with the iPhone X back in 2017, and in every handset from the iPhone 12 onwards. It's about time then that Apple brings the screen tech to its tablets.


OLED displays can deliver more vibrant colours than their LCD equivalents while consuming less power. You get deeper, richer blacks with OLED thanks to improved contrast, and wider viewing angles - handy if more than one person is trying to look at the iPad screen.

LCD panels can offer higher brightness, but we’ve already seen Apple overcome this with the iPhone 15 Pro which boasts an OLED display with a peak brightness of 2,000 nits.

OLED panels are more expensive, so there's a chance we could see Apple raise iPad prices for its 2024 cohort if indeed it does opt for the screen technology.

According to the same sources Apple will also introduce an OLED MacBook in 2025, as the company looks to complete the switchover to the screen technology.

While there's a lot of sense in Apple moving to OLED displays for its iPads, it's still worth taking this report with a pinch of salt as the Cupertino, California-based firm is well known for not following trends and doing its own thing in its own time.

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