I'm signing up for the Android Auto Beta test and you should too

Test new features in your car before they're released publicly

Android Auto
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We love a good Beta test here at T3, and Google's latest beta program gives you the chance to try out new Android Auto features before they're released to the wider public.

The Android Auto beta program launches today and you can sign up right now. Google claims that the program will help shape future Android Auto releases, so you could have sway in how Android Auto develops in the future!

You will be asked to test how well new features work with your specific phone and vehicle in your part of the world. When you will then be asked to share your feedback, and Google will use it to help plan improvements for future releases.

You can join now via the opt-in page to beta test Android Auto. Once you sign up, you can then head over to the Play Store to update the app to the new beta version.

It's worth noting that you can't have two versions of Android Auto on your device, so the stable version will be replaced with the beta. It also comes with the usual disclaimer about features potentially not working properly, which is standard any beta test.

Google asks that you don't publicise new features until they're released publicly. However, given the nature of the tech community, it's unlikely that testers will stay quiet – we can't wait to see what new features Google has in store.

Google has been focusing more on Android Auto recently, but it's still one of the brand's less-talked-about systems. Google recently announced at its I/O developer conference to bring Android Auto to the instrument cluster as well as better content navigation and improved messaging controls.

I think the beta program is a sign that Google is starting to focus more on Android Auto, so even if you don't sign up for the beta you should expect to see more updates as Google shifts more focus onto the Android Auto experience.

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