If this is Apple’s AR headset, they can have my money right now

These unofficial images are the most convincing Apple AR headset renders yet

Apple AR headset render
(Image credit: AppleInsider)

I'm excited by the imminent arrival of the Apple AR headset, and if AppleInsider's well-informed renders are close to what we'll see then I'm even more excited now. We've seen Apple AR headset renders before, but these new ones are based on leaked information and informed speculation.

The main source for the new renders is a report by The Information that described a prototype of the AR headset as sleek, curved and with swappable headbands rather like the swappable bands of the Apple Watch Series 7. The headset is reported to be very lightweight, too, coming in at less than 1lb (450g). That's only slightly heavier than my AirPods Max, which come in at 386g.

The most convincing Apple AR headset renders yet

Of all the renders I've seen so far, AppleInsider's are the most convincing: while the actual product is bound to be different, there's a strong family resemblance between this headset render and the iPhone 13 and Apple Watch Series 7. I suspect the AirPods Max-style headband is on the money: despite their weight, my AirPods Max never feel heavy even after a long wearing session. That's important for tech that fits on your face.

I'm more excited about Apple's VR headset than I am about the PSVR 2: as much as I love my PSVR, I'm much more interested in augmented reality than virtual reality. Part of that is because for years now, VR has over-promised and under-delivered; with AR, it's the opposite. I have no idea what Apple's AR headset will actually do beyond the usual VR stuff, and that's a mystery I can't wait to solve.

Carrie Marshall

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