I love my Instant Pot, and you can bag one for £52 off today at Amazon

Amazon's doing a brilliant deal on Instant Pot today so don't miss out

Instant Pot Duo Crisp + Air Fryer Amazon
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I'd marry my Instant Pot if I could: I'm in full agreement with the rest of the T3 team that it's the best multi-cooker you can buy. My one doesn't air fry but the Instant Pot Duo + Crisp does, and that means it's also one of the best air fryers you can buy. Amazon's currently doing it for just £127.40, a saving of £52.29. 

• Instant Pot Duo + Crisp Multi-Cooker and Air Fryer: was £179.99, now £127.40 at Amazon UK

I'm not going to mince my words here: if you don't have an Instant Pot already, you should buy one. It's one of the best bits of kitchen kit I've ever owned.

Why I love my Instant Pot

I love cooking, but my flat's tiny kitchen means I'm desperately short of space. The Instant Pot helps solve that problem because it offers genuine one-pot cooking: you can sauté, simmer, boil, stew and steam in the same place, so there's just one pot to stick in the dishwasher no matter how complex the meal.

That would be enough to seal the deal for me, but it's only part of the Instant Pot's usefulness. It's a slow cooker and a fast slow cooker too, thanks to its pressure cooking: you can get the same melt-in-your-mouth experience in a fraction of the time. And this particular model even does sous vide cooking for truly extraordinary steak, veg or fish. And it makes the best eggs you've ever tasted.

My love of my Instant Pot has become a running joke among my friends – but they've ended up buying Instant Pots too. Join us!

Instant Pot Duo + Crisp Multi-Cooker and Air Fryer: was £179.99, now £127.40 at Amazon UK

Instant Pot Duo + Crisp Multi-Cooker and Air Fryer: was £179.99, now £127.40 at Amazon UK
This is a brilliant price for one of the best kitchen gadgets we've ever used: it enables you to cook pretty much anything with less effort, less mess and less time. It's a slow cooker, it's an air fryer, it's a sous vide cooker...it's one of our very favourite things. It's £52.29 off today at Amazon.

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