Huawei is planning a luxury smartwatch to take down the Apple Watch

Forget the Huawei Watch GT, this is a high-end smartwatch could be a true rival to the Apple Watch

Huawei is planning a luxury Apple Watch rival
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Huawei already has the incredibly popular Watch GT range of smartwatches, that blend classic good looks with fitness tracking smarts, but it appears that the company is looking to add a more premium smartwatch to its lineup.

This would allow Huawei to take on the Apple Watch at the luxurious end of the smartwatch market.

This is according to a trademark spotted by MyFixGuide, which show Huawei applied for the trademark "Huawei Mate Watch".

This, of course, references the brand's premium smartphone range, the Huawei Mate series.

It makes sense, then, that the Huawei Mate Watch is a premium, stylish, and powerful smartwatch designed to sit alongside the next Mate smartphone.

This could be a response to the frequent criticism that the Watch GT and Watch GT 2 are more like fitness trackers, with limited personalisation options and a lack of applications.

It's possible that the company wants a more premium device to combat the current Apple Watch Series 5 and upcoming Series 6.

(Image credit: Huawei)

How could Huawei make its smartwatch range more premium?

For a start, its design could be less sports-orientated, using high-end materials for a truly luxurious feel. Compared to the Apple Watch Series 5, the Watch GT 2 feels cheap and toy-like.

The software also needs to be updated. In its current state, Huawei's wearable operating system lacks polish and doesn't create a sleek, cohesive experience. This is excusable in a watch that costs under £200/$200, but won't be in a smartwatch that costs double that. 

We're excited to hear when, or indeed if, this smartwatch will be released. The most likely release date is around September or October, alongside the Huawei Mate 40 smartphone. Stay tuned to T3 for more details as they arrive.

Via: Techradar

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