Huawei is working on its very own smartphone-powered VR headset

The Huawei VR will come in three variations to support its P9 and Mate 8 devices

Following the recent reveal of its two new P9 and Mate 8 smartphones last week, Chinese manufacturer Huawei has dropped another bombshell announcement - it's making its very own smartphone powered VR headset.

Currently known simply as 'Huawei VR', the device will work much like Samsung's Gear VR headset, using the processing power of a select range of its models to provide the display and processing oomph to get you immersed in the world of virtual reality.

The device will also come in three variations, each one designed to fit the P9, the P9 Plus and the Mate 8 individually. Since these devices are only rocking a paltry 1080p resolution on their displays, don't expect the visual experience to knock your socks off, but the firm has been quick to point out its take on VR will be the first headset to have a 360-degree sound field when you're using headphones.

It will have a 95-degree field of view and 20ms low latency (which is pretty standard in VR at the moment), as well as a similar set of physical buttons found on the Gear VR (including a touch panel and volume control). Huawei is also including an anti-blue light filter to help protect your peepers while your staring into the VR abyss.

No news on price of a release date, but Huawei has confirmed the launch model will come with 40 free games and 4,000 free films (although we're not sure just how many of these will be VR content rather than just standard footage).

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